Updated: May 10, 2019

A Journey to the Old Forgotten China Town in Central Java


Pelangi Benua will take you to a journey of taste and culture to a town on the northern coast of Java, Lasem, home to a number of rich cultural and historical heritage. Since the 13th century, Lasem has become the center of a long history of many great kingdoms, starting from Majapahit, Demak, Pajang and Mataram Kingdom.

First-time visitors will notice in the city is the beauty of old buildings with Chinese and European architecture. Lasem is also known as "The Little Beijing Old Town." The town is also known for its Batik with dragon motif, a Javanese and Chinese culture mixture. Many of the district‟s ancient houses are in uenced by Chinese and Northern coast Javanese style. If you like architectural and design trip, Lasem is the right place to enriched your knowledge about colonial-era & old Chinese culture.

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